Your Golfing Vacation in Africa

Your Golfing Vacation in Africa

Golfing Vacation in AfricaPeople from all around the world still think that Africa is a continent where tourists go for enjoying the wildlife. This is true, most tourists still go for the wildlife, but Africa today has so much more to offer than just lion safari. Africa has become a continent where golf as a sport is rising at a tremendous speed.

The good climate and the endless space offers perfect terrain for golf. Even though there are still much more golf terrains in the western world, you can be sure that soon the black continent will take over the golf business and the sport of golf too.

Thousands of golf courses are now available for practicing the game of golf in Africa. Here are some of the best golf terrains that even CNN mentions in their review about this continent.

Fancourt Links, South Africa

Fancourt Links, South Africa

The Links golf terrain at Fancourt has a tradition of almost 20 years. It is one of the most important courses in the country as it was the venue where the Presidents Cup was held back in 2003. This year is important because this is when the historic tie between Tiger Woods and Ernie Els happened. The Links course is one of the best in South Africa and in the continent altogether too.

Flamingo Golf Course, Monastir, Tunisia

Flamingo Golf Course, Monastir, Tunisia

At the shores of the Mediterranean, just a few miles off the sea there is the magnificent Flamingo Golf Course in Tunisia. Some of the holes are pretty long so you’re going to need some extra quality wood clubs together with the standard golf irons and balls.

Leopard Rock, Zimbabwe

Built in 1993, the Leopard Rock Golf Resort is maybe the best one in Zimbabwe. It is placed in a perfect surrounding with several obstacles that will make the game more interesting. It’s not a surprise to see some exotic wildlife while playing even though most of the time it’s guaranteed that you’ll enjoy the flora that’s chosen with care and nurtured perfectly.

Soma Bay, Egypt

The tourist attraction of Hurghada is the home of the Cascades at Soma Bay golf course in Egypt. The land of the pyramids now lives from tourism among other things and this is a true attraction for all golf lovers. There are a lot of hazards that will make the game more interesting and the Red Sea is one of them at five holes. So, make sure you know how to work your golf irons and balls if you want to make a good score here.

Le Meridien, Nigeria

As a part of the Le Meridien Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort, this golf course is probably the best in the central region of Africa. Located on a hill it has some stunning views over the surrounding. That means some amazing connection with the African tropical forests. The flora is actually well connected with the course as you can see a lot of the forest trying to reach the green fields of the resort.

Mazagan Golf Club, Morocco

Mazagan Golf Club, Morocco

Mazagan Golf Club in El Jadida, Casablanca, was opened in 2009 and instantly became the number one golf course in the country. It is definitely one of the best at the continent too as the total length of the holes reaches up to 7.484 yards. That means you’re going to need your best swing and complete control over the wood clubs.

Windhoek Club, Namibia

Namibia is one of the most developed countries in Africa and golf is a sport that a lot of people love practicing. One of the best golf courses, if not the best – is the Windhoek Golf and Country Club just near the capital. Well constructed with a lot of hazards, trees, bunkers, ponds, and other, this is a true golfing paradise. Together with the course, there is a four-star hotel for a perfect stay of the visitors.

Lemuria, Seychelles

Seychelles is one of the most exotic destinations for tourists. The paradise islands in the Indian Oceans offer perfect climate and resorts that are out of this world. Lemuria resort is one of them. Located in the northern island of Praslin, it is an 18-hole course that’s kinda short but extremely joyful.

Gary Player, South Africa

Gary Player is one of the most important golfing figures in Africa. His influence is more than important for the development of golf in all of Africa. Designed by Player itself it is a course that offers 8.000 yards and par 72. This place is famous for the “Million dollar challenge”, a 12-players tournament that is invitation only. Some of the most famous golf players ever played on this tournament that’s held from 1981.

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