The Africa Cooling & Packing List Items You’ll Want to Have!

The Africa Cooling & Packing List Items You’ll Want to Have!

Africa's hot weatherAfrica is hot. It is hot by any standard. Some parts are slightly hot, some are amazingly hot but if you’re planning on traveling through its outstanding nature, then you’ll want to be well prepared. This means you need to make a list of many things, and in this article, we’ll help you to make that mandatory point chart in which you’ll check everything that’s needed to be packed if you want to have food and drinks for a longer period of time.

The first thing you need to know that as you go north and south from the center of the continent, the weather is very hot and very dry. At the center of Africa the weather is also very hot, but with lots of rains so the humidity is high. Knowing this, you need to be well prepared with accessories that will help in your travels. Things like coolers and gadgets that turn rainwater into drinkable water are a must. So let’s get the list.

Yeti Coolers

As mentioned before, the first and most important thing you need to have with you is a cooler. The Yeti brand is a proven number one for travels and their coolers are durable and convenient. Depending on the needs, the space you have and the time you plan to travel, you’ll want to choose the Yeti that’s most suitable for you. Usually, the more space the cooler has, the higher the price. Also, coolers that are resistant to falling and bumps are more expensive, but if your travels are rather safe, you don’t need to invest in an army protected cooler, right?

A good cooler will keep your drinks, food and other supplies cold and even frozen for days if you know all the little tricks to keep them that way. Otherwise, depending on the weather, your cooler will probably hold up to a day and then you’ll need to refreeze the previously packed items.


lifestraw filter

Something that should be a number one priority for all travelers in Africa is the LifeStraw available for everyone. The LifeStraw water filter turns the dirty water of any kind into drinkable water immediately. Its design is revolutionary and is mandatory equipment for every survivalist and nature enthusiast. When you travel to Africa, you can never know what can happen. Drinkable water is very rare and you can’t always find bottled drinkable water, so this is a perfect solution for emergencies.

First-Aid Kit

Even though it’s Africa, it is still not a place where it’s certain that you’ll get injured. However, in case you do, chances are big that you won’t be able to get a proper medical care right away for two reasons. One it’s because the health system is probably very different from the place you come, and second and much more important, it’s because visiting Africa doesn’t mean lurking the overpopulated cities in which the health care is the best there is. You’ll probably be visiting the savannahs, the jungles, oases, the mountains and Africa nature. There is no hospital on every corner, so it’s good to have that first-aid kit in case you get scratched or something.

Grizzly Coolers

Trying to highlight the importance of having a cooler in you packing for Africa, we’re suggesting another alternative if for some reason you want to find an alternative brand of a cooler and not Yeti. The Grizzly coolers are a good alternative as they’re usually more affordable, yet still pretty good. Their name is actually a guaranty for durability as the company is putting their items through a harsh testing process. The Grizzly coolers are made to be resistant for almost everything and they can endure even the teeth bite of a grizzly bear.

Sure, there are no grizzlies in Africa, but it’s good to know that the cooler with you is protected from falling or unwanted bumps on the ground. Whatever brand you choose on your travels, remember that it’s more important to learn how to pack and look for those little tricks so you can get more space and your supplies are cool longer.

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