Proper Outfit in Wildlife Hunting / Boots & Shoes

Proper Outfit in Wildlife Hunting / Boots & Shoes

outfit 1Hunting activity has greatly evolved over the centuries. Days are gone when African hunters would only need bows and arrows to pursue animals in the jungle. They did not have hunting gears when going out and yet those traditional African hunters have not adopted the new hunting rules. They only go hunting with the only lower part of their body covered, courtesy of their cultures and customs. So, the traditional hunters are some of the key tourist attractions. Foreigners come to witness the harsh world men that don’t use hunting attires to prevent injuries. However, they down their bucks so easily because they already know how to do it!

The western hunting culture is gradually being adopted in Africa because people have begun seeing hunting as an outdoor fun. Hunting enthusiasts nowadays wear hunting outfits to prevent scratches and injuries when in the rough terrains.

Proper outfits for hunting

outfit 2Going for hunting should be fun and not one that will bring bad memories due to torturing experience. This can be incurred if the right gears are not carried when going out. Many hunting experts advise on not wearing bright colored clothes when going to hunt. For example, a white outfit is easily spotted by animals and thus the hunter may not down even a single animal. Also, white gets dirty easily. However, it may not be a factor that many would consider during hunting. Neutral colors like jungle green, tan, and khaki brown are most preferred for hunting. These colors are not easily spotted by animals and can camouflage well with the surrounding environment.

outfitssWhen hunting, one should opt for outfits that covers the body completely to avoid body scratches and pricks by thorns in the forest. The long sleeved t-shirts, jackets, and trousers instead of shorts. Also, this kind of attire will prevent insect bites which may disrupt your hunting experience. Some of the insects include mosquitoes and tsetse flies, usually found in rainforests of Africa. Other insects a hunter may encounter are found in east Africa and Namibia. Some experts say navy blue attire may attract tsetse flies easily, hence not recommended for hunting. Dark colors are also not fit because they might become uncomfortable during hot conditions. Don’t forget that the continent consists of some hot deserted areas.

hunting bootsSometimes hunting is not as easy as just walking on the beach. It is usually done under harsh conditions, either hot, cold, or rainy conditions. So, appropriate hunting outfit is necessary depending on the particular weather. One of the most important things to consider is the hunting boots, depending on the nature of the terrain and weather conditions. Basically, they must be comfortable in order to make your hunting day complete. There are many boots in the market, but your choice will be determined by various factors as just mentioned earlier.

Proper hunting boots

hunting boots 2Proper hunting boots should fit properly for comfort purposes. They should neither be too tight nor too loose. Choose those that fit perfectly and allow comfortable walking throughout the hunting time. Remember hunting is entirely walking through the woods, and probably you will climb up and down on rough terrains.

Depending on the season, choose your boots properly. For instance, rainy conditions need waterproof boots. Other conditions such as morning dew, the boots should offer maximum water resistance. The moisture can affect your toes after a prolonged hunting session. If you are hunting during hot conditions, ensure that the boots’ material is breathable. This will provide more comfort even when hunting all day long.

outfit 3Warm hunting boots are recommended especially if the hunting area is muddy. This will allow easy walking through the mud and prevent getting exhausted before the scheduled hunting time. You don’t want heavy boots that keep dragging you behind especially when trailing a target animal.

Don’ts in African wildlife hunting

outfit 4

  • Hunters should avoid wearing jewels as this may attract robbers who pose as honest people. Suitable, simple, and comfortable attire is all that is needed during the hunting expedition.
  • Hunters should avoid wearing light outfits because they might be torn while walking through thickets and bushes.
  • A hunter should have a backpack packed with essential hunting tools such as earmuffs, earplugs, knife, and a tactical flashlight.
  • Do not forget to carry water because you may need water when dehydrated. The African continent is hot, and thirst may terminate your hunting session.

Why need a proper outfit hunting gear?

  • Protection from harsh environmental elements
  • Easy and safe movement, as well as a pleasant hunting experience
  • Make the hunting a memorable experience
  • Comfortable shoes will protect your feet from getting hurt
  • Comfortable boots make the hunting experience amazing
  • Proper boots help you respond swiftly when an animal appears

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