Things to Include to the Backpack When Hunting in Wildlife

backpack 1Tactical backpacks come in different sizes and have different specifications. Most tactical backpacks can have more than one use apart from carrying items for outdoor hunting activities. They can be used as a daily carry bag or even when traveling. However, when choosing a hunting backpack, it’s important to consider the items the backpack can accommodate. Tactical backpacks come in different varieties of brands, shapes, colors, and sizes. When choosing a backpack one important thing to put in mind is the comfort. This can be described by how the bag lies on your back, as well as the grip of the hip straps and shoulder straps. The reliable backpacks are designed to provide comfort at different degrees and it’s thus an important issue to consider.

In addition, a good tactical backpack should be air tight. A common method of hunting is the use of scent and lure items to entice animals. Such items include drag rags and scent wicks, which have a strong unpleasant smell. To keep away this smell, an air tight bag is always required during hunting.

backpack 2Another important aspect to consider in tactical backpacks revolves around a number of pockets and compartments. A backpack with many compartments and side pockets provides a better organization of items. This ensures hunters avoid wasting time by knowing exactly where each item is in their backpack. Most importantly a hunting backpack should be able to accommodate the following important items.

Weapon Attachments

backpack 5It goes without saying; a weapon is the most important item when hunting. Most hunters prefer firearms while others prefer a bow hunting technique. Regardless of the weapon of choice, a hunter should choose a backpack that can accommodate the weapon attachments such as rifle magazines. But always remember to have a valid license and professional training to ensure the safety of the other hunters or the participants in the shooting range.

Hunter Certificate

In every game reserve, there is abundant illegal poaching of wild animals. A hunter should have a hunting certificate as a proof of expertise and experience. A hunting license is provided prior to completion and the acquisition of the hunter education certificate. The hunting license is, therefore, an important item to be included in the backpack.

Hunting Knife

This is an important tool for a hunter and an item which should never lack in the backpack. A good hunting knife should be of the best quality. Hunting knives have varying sizes of the blade. A hunting knife is suitable for short range attack, as well as cutting small twigs blocking your way. However, if the plan is to hunt big game, a hunting knife with a bigger blade is preferred. High-quality hunting knives offer firm grip in the hand.

First aid kit

A first aid kit is also an important item never missing in a backpack. A first aid kit is a precautionary step when embarking on any journey to the woods. One never knows what will happen in the woods, it’s impossible to avoid cuts and abrasions all day long. The kit, therefore, should contain alcohol swabs to clean the cuts, antibiotic cream for preventing infections and badges of different sizes.

Survival kit

backpack 4While hunting in the wilderness, one never knows what will happen in the next moment and you might find yourself lost in the jungle. A survival kit is, therefore, important and should be put in a waterproof bag. It contains waterproof matches, Mylar heating blanket, fire starter, rope, a compass, extra batteries, emergency food supplies and a water purifying tablet.

Supply of wet wipes

Hunting is a messy adventure and in the event of a kill, there is no avoiding blood on your body. A supply of wet wipes will come in handy during these times, so ensure your backpack doesn’t lack them.

Hunting Apparel

Hunting adventure is fun when a hunter is comfortable. Mode of dressing will dictate a happy and a successful hunt. Good boots that can withstand a full day hunt are recommended. Liners and thick socks are also a recommendation for warmth and comfort. Hurting feet pose a difficult hunt and therefore it’s always important to carry an extra pair of socks and liners in your backpack, in case your feet get wet. Bright hunting jackets or clothing is a recommendation when hunting, keeps hunters visible to their colleague hunters.

Lastly, hunting is an exciting activity and a hobby. But without the proper organization, it can turn out to be tiresome, not rewarding, boring, and hectic. It all starts by organizing your backpack and ensuring that all items are in place before embarking on the hunt.  Always consider durability and comfort when selecting a backpack. A good quality backpack won’t be torn even when walking through thick bushes, and therefore your items will be kept safe throughout.

The Rules of Hunting Wildlife

rules of hunting 2Hunting is an art or a practice of killing an animal, mostly the wild game. It is done for a number of reasons including food, trade, and security. Remember, there are those that pose danger not only to other animals but also to humans. But, very few animals are killed simply because they are dangerous to humans. Hunting is basically considered as an outdoor fun, even though traditional Africans kill them for food.

During the early days in the African continent, hunting was a recreation activity which provided food for families. Some communities defined their wealth and nobleness on the basis of hunting. The expert hunters were considered rich and respected people in the society.

rules of hunting

Today, hunting wildlife in Africa is not only done by Africans but also foreign hunters. They hunt for specific animals including the big five game, deer, gazelles, warthog, and wildebeest among others. These animals are hunted because of their products and wild meat, but almost all countries strictly prohibit hunting of endangered animals such as elephants and rhinos. Hunting such animals is illegal and is known as poaching.

Hunting wildlife in Africa is becoming immensely popular because most of the animals are found easily in their natural habitats, though not in all African countries. Some of the animals are found in national parks, and the overseas hunters can find them when accompanied by a professional safari guide. Africa is visited by hunters from different countries such as USA, Asian, and European countries. That is why nowadays hunting has been given a new name ‘trophy hunting’. This is because hunting of the animals especially the ‘big five’, for instance, buffalos is so rewarding especially in abroad.

One of the famous African countries that are commonly visited for wildlife hunting is South Africa. It is the most popular though most of the hunting takes place in closed areas as private activities. Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Mozambique are among other countries rich in wildlife. However, each country is renowned for specific species of animals that attract visitors annually. Hunting wildlife in Africa is one of the economic activities, and hunters usually pay permit fees in order to hunt.

Apart from legal requirements for any hunter out there, the activity requires specific use of hunting equipment. From hunting clothes to hunting tools, a hunter should be prepared for going out. A wisely selected hunting rifle with a reliable scope is quite essential. One of the most recommended guns is the AR-15. So, why use an AR-15 and rifle scope when hunting?

ar 15The AR-15 rifle is one of the popular hunting guns, and that is why many hunters rely on them for exceptional hunting. They have essential features to assist the hunter, and they are known for accuracy especially during target shooting. It is also praised for a good knock down power and thus the hunter needs just a single shot to down that buck. AR-15 rifles are a bit easy to carry around because of their relatively light weight. A hunter can move from one place to another without feeling fatigue and tiredness. The AR-15 rifle is reliable when it comes to open air hunting because they offer a wide and long- range for shooting. Therefore, they assist a hunter to down an animal even at a far distance. Modularity of the AR rifles is also an added advantage because of its compatibility and versatility.

On the other hand, an AR-15 rifle is said to be incomplete if it does not have a rifle scope. The scopes direct and give the hunter a closer grip while making a shot or when focusing on target prey. Their specific features make a complete accompaniment of the AR-15 rifle when going for hunting. The scopes have an accuracy of 20 inch which is advantageous to the hunter. Night scopes offer an advantage of light transmission during night hunting. This makes it easier for the hunter because night hunting is made easier. Since there are some animals that come out at night or can be found in areas or places with a little amount of light e.g. caves and thick forests.

As per Proguncare, the wildlife hunting in Africa has been increasing over the years. However, dishonest people are tarnishing the good exercise through illegal hunting and poaching. The unlawful hunting for endangered animals such elephants due to high demand for ivory is highly threatening. Some of the species are becoming extinct and thus more strict measures need to be taken.

In conclusion, wildlife hunting is an activity that should be done for tourism, leisure, and food. It should not be done for illegal trade of animal products. Every human has a responsibility to take care of the wild animals. Therefore, we should stand against poaching and illegal ivory trade that is endangering the existence of African rhinos and elephants.

Proper Outfit in Wildlife Hunting / Boots & Shoes

outfit 1Hunting activity has greatly evolved over the centuries. Days are gone when African hunters would only need bows and arrows to pursue animals in the jungle. They did not have hunting gears when going out and yet those traditional African hunters have not adopted the new hunting rules. They only go hunting with the only lower part of their body covered, courtesy of their cultures and customs. So, the traditional hunters are some of the key tourist attractions. Foreigners come to witness the harsh world men that don’t use hunting attires to prevent injuries. However, they down their bucks so easily because they already know how to do it!

The western hunting culture is gradually being adopted in Africa because people have begun seeing hunting as an outdoor fun. Hunting enthusiasts nowadays wear hunting outfits to prevent scratches and injuries when in the rough terrains.

Proper outfits for hunting

outfit 2Going for hunting should be fun and not one that will bring bad memories due to torturing experience. This can be incurred if the right gears are not carried when going out. Many hunting experts advise on not wearing bright colored clothes when going to hunt. For example, a white outfit is easily spotted by animals and thus the hunter may not down even a single animal. Also, white gets dirty easily. However, it may not be a factor that many would consider during hunting. Neutral colors like jungle green, tan, and khaki brown are most preferred for hunting. These colors are not easily spotted by animals and can camouflage well with the surrounding environment.

outfitssWhen hunting, one should opt for outfits that covers the body completely to avoid body scratches and pricks by thorns in the forest. The long sleeved t-shirts, jackets, and trousers instead of shorts. Also, this kind of attire will prevent insect bites which may disrupt your hunting experience. Some of the insects include mosquitoes and tsetse flies, usually found in rainforests of Africa. Other insects a hunter may encounter are found in east Africa and Namibia. Some experts say navy blue attire may attract tsetse flies easily, hence not recommended for hunting. Dark colors are also not fit because they might become uncomfortable during hot conditions. Don’t forget that the continent consists of some hot deserted areas.

hunting bootsSometimes hunting is not as easy as just walking on the beach. It is usually done under harsh conditions, either hot, cold, or rainy conditions. So, appropriate hunting outfit is necessary depending on the particular weather. One of the most important things to consider is the hunting boots, depending on the nature of the terrain and weather conditions. Basically, they must be comfortable in order to make your hunting day complete. There are many boots in the market, but your choice will be determined by various factors as just mentioned earlier.

Proper hunting boots

hunting boots 2Proper hunting boots should fit properly for comfort purposes. They should neither be too tight nor too loose. Choose those that fit perfectly and allow comfortable walking throughout the hunting time. Remember hunting is entirely walking through the woods, and probably you will climb up and down on rough terrains.

Depending on the season, choose your boots properly. For instance, rainy conditions need waterproof boots. Other conditions such as morning dew, the boots should offer maximum water resistance. The moisture can affect your toes after a prolonged hunting session. If you are hunting during hot conditions, ensure that the boots’ material is breathable. This will provide more comfort even when hunting all day long.

outfit 3Warm hunting boots are recommended especially if the hunting area is muddy. This will allow easy walking through the mud and prevent getting exhausted before the scheduled hunting time. You don’t want heavy boots that keep dragging you behind especially when trailing a target animal.

Don’ts in African wildlife hunting

outfit 4

  • Hunters should avoid wearing jewels as this may attract robbers who pose as honest people. Suitable, simple, and comfortable attire is all that is needed during the hunting expedition.
  • Hunters should avoid wearing light outfits because they might be torn while walking through thickets and bushes.
  • A hunter should have a backpack packed with essential hunting tools such as earmuffs, earplugs, knife, and a tactical flashlight.
  • Do not forget to carry water because you may need water when dehydrated. The African continent is hot, and thirst may terminate your hunting session.

Why need a proper outfit hunting gear?

  • Protection from harsh environmental elements
  • Easy and safe movement, as well as a pleasant hunting experience
  • Make the hunting a memorable experience
  • Comfortable shoes will protect your feet from getting hurt
  • Comfortable boots make the hunting experience amazing
  • Proper boots help you respond swiftly when an animal appears

Hunting Safety- Avoid Ear Fatigue

safetyWhen hunting, it’s advisable to observe safety measures. Hunters must be aware of the dangers that may occur while hunting and therefore proper handling of guns to dressing and licenses should be considered. Many hunters, according to experts, tend to underestimate the importance of protecting their ears, and a number of them will hunt without hearing protection devices. A gunshot can cause a lot of damage to the ear since the noise exceeds the recommended sound exposure.

Sound, as perceived by the ear, is measured in units called decibels (dB). A Simple comparison can help to explain the damage caused by a single gunshot. A gunshot can measure up to 150 dB which compared to a normal conversation noise (60dB) is almost 3 times. The sound of such intensity is likely to cause hearing problems, though different ears react differently to noise exposure. However, it is important to note that hearing loss occur painlessly and slowly with long-term effects in some cases. In other cases, a sound of 130dB or more is enough to cause instant ear damage.

Ear Protection

ear protectionExperts argue that for a permanent hearing damage to occur one must be subjected to a sound frequency of 130dB or above. Continuous exposure to noise at 80dB for more than eight hours can also cause permanent hearing damage. So why gamble with your hearing while there are precautionary measures with as little charges as 50 cents? Protection is always better than cure and for permanent hearing damage, there is no cure!

Most readers will argue that they have been exposed to loud noises and fired several gunshots without protection and are still in perfect hearing. The human body is composed of systems such as the nervous system. The systems are made up of specific tissues that perform specific functions. For example, the muscle tissue is capable of adaptation if exposed to vigorous physical activity or extreme conditions such as long distance running. These tissues respond by growing stronger. However, other tissues of the nervous system such as brain functions and hearing respond to tissue abuse by growing weaker and weaker. Once these tissues experience enough abuse they lose their functionality for the remainder of the individual’s life. The hearing problem occurs slowly and therefore may go unnoticed until the last minute of hearing loss. Ear protection is, therefore, precautionary even if no symptoms are available.

ear protection 3An early symptom of hearing loss can present itself earlier in some cases. Tinnitus refers to the perception of sound by human ear when there is no sound present. This condition is common with people who work in areas with loud noises without protection. This is a clear indication that your ears are in danger. Hearing loss can present itself at any age, therefore it’s important to take precautionary measures for every individual in the hunting group. Some retail shops offer protection devices for animals such as dogs.

ear protection 4Several varieties of ear plugs and ear muffs are used to provide protection to the ears during shooting. These products are designed to reduce the amount of sound reaching the eardrum and therefore reducing it to a lower frequency than the original. Each package of the ear muffs and plugs come with a reduction rating. It’s usually indicated using decibels (dB) e.g. 40dB. The higher the number indicated on the package the more effective they block more noise. The question is if guns produce so much noise do the earmuffs and plugs with such low frequency really help?

First, the sound produced by a gun travels in a forward direction and therefore the sound that reaches the ear is much reduced. Second, the main purpose of using protection is not to completely get rid of the noise, but to reduce its impact to the ear. This will prevent long-lasting damage to the ear. Scientific research on ear protection has shown that the protection works within the range the common devices are set. So again do not underestimate the protection power of the devices.


ear protection 2Earmuffs have been on the use of hearing protection, especially during shooting range. They are advantageous since they can be used and reused for years. They are of different varieties ranging from simple ones to electronic ones. An electronic earmuff allows the hunter to experience normal hearing levels of the surrounding noise and at the same time prevent loud noise from reaching the ear. A simple mechanism is involved when a loud noise is detected because the earmuff speakers are deactivated until a safe level of sound is reached.

However, electronic earmuffs are expensive in terms of money but they worth the price. To some extent, hunting enthusiasts combine the use of earmuffs and ear plugs. The combination provides an added advantage in protection but each device works independently. And that’s why the user cannot add their specific frequencies to obtain a combined protection frequency.

African Wildlife, Hunting, and Safari Services

hunting and safari 3Africa is the second most popular and the second largest continent in the world. It boasts a diversity of wildlife, perhaps hosting the world’s largest density of animal populations. The herbivores practically take the highest number of wild animals, which have attracted game hunting in various countries. Jungle animals such as reptiles are also abundant in most parts of the continent, while aquatic life such as amphibians is commonly found in swamps, lakes, and rivers. Game meat is popular in many hotels/restaurants especially in game parks, which is mostly preferred by foreign tourists and even locals.

Due to the wide variety of wildlife in the continent, wildlife safaris in many countries have been established. These offer transportation services to and from the game parks and game reserves, as well as hotel booking for travelers. The entire continent experiences different climatic conditions ranging from subarctic to tropical on its maximum peaks. The northern half is mainly desert and semi-desert, while the southern and central regions are savanna plains and rainforest areas. Visitors from the polar region enjoy Africa’s climate, however, the continent is the world’s hottest because 60% of the land surface contain arid and dry lands. Nevertheless, the climate remains ideal health-wise for most hunted animals such as impala and black wildebeest.

hunting and safariBotswana is one of the rich wildlife countries with diverse and attractive landscapes. The vast sandy areas of the Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta are the leading regions that offer stunning adventures. The watery lands of the Delta host a wide variety of wildlife and eye-catching view for visitors, making it one of the suitable hunting destinations in the country. To the north, the Linyanti and Chobe reserves contain enormous populations of game. However, most of the predators are found in these reserves. Therefore professional tour guides are recommended to accompany the hunters during the safaris. The Chobe National Park is renowned for the prowling lions through the Savuti grasslands. To the northern part of the park are herds of elephants, which usually hang around the Chobe River.

hunting and safari 2For bird lovers, the Okavango Delta has plenty to offer. In addition to hosting different types of birds, the area is quite amazing with the waterways and the spectacular lagoons covering nearly 15,000 sq. kilometers. The waterways are habitat for hippos and crocodiles, while animals such as leopards, elephants, and antelopes drink water from there. Even though the area is often visited by a few dangerous animals, hunting enthusiasts can utilize the opportunity to down antelopes such as the shy sitatunga and lechwe. Like many other African countries, Botswana has exclusive and sophisticated traveler camps and lodges that offer comfortable services despite being a wilderness region.

East Africa is another prime area for game viewing and hunting. Kenya is one of the leading countries renowned for its impressive scenery and abundant wildlife in the game parks. To the northern area, the Samburu Game Reserve hosts a lot of game including the big game such as lions and elephants. This semi-arid region is a home for blue-legged ostrich and the desert-adapted Gerenuk antelope. The antelope species attract game hunt in the area, as the locals are also traditional hunters. It is an ideal place for foreign hunters to have fun, as well as interact with traditional tribes such as Maasai and Samburu communities. To the south, the Maasai Mara is a famous national reserve covered by grasslands. The vegetation is perfect for wildebeest and antelopes, as well as big game such as buffalos. The herds of preys attract predators such as cheetahs, lions, and leopards in the area.

The Maasai Mara offers a stunning game viewing as the predators hunt for prey. The hunters in this area must be cautious because the dangerous big game predators are camouflaged by the grass. However, the hunting experience can be amazing and safe with reliable safari guides. The bird watchers and hunters can find fun at the Lake Nakuru where there are millions of flamingos and other aquatic life. The Amboseli National Park is famous for large tuskers, including other grassland-adapted species such as gazelles. The stunning wildlife encounters are facilitated by the amazing setting of the landscapes. The steep Rift Valley escarpments and the mountains are examples of the wonderful backdrop.

south africaLastly, South Africa is one of the leading traveler destinations in Africa. It is where many visitors from different parts of the world visit to view the 5 big game (African lions, African elephants, African buffalos, African leopards, and African rhinoceros). In addition to wildlife tours, the country has several wineries, breath-taking views, landscapes, golden beaches, deserts, and mountains. It is populated by a mix of Africans, Europeans, and Asians, and therefore rich in a variety of cultures. Also, the sophisticated tourism infrastructure and safari services make the country a nice place to visit again and again.

A New Hunting Trend – Growth of Crossbow Use

crossbow 1Crossbow hunting is a unique and familiar outdoor activity in many countries, especially in the African continent where there are various safari services. Even though the practice is not found in every wildlife parks and reserves, a number of countries offer general tourism services. For example, South Africa and Namibia are among the top leading countries where tourism is highly carried out. Other countries rich in wildlife are found in the eastern, western, and northern regions of the continent.

A number of African safaris have been on the rise over the years. Actually, they are governed by state government laws and therefore providing tourists with safe, legal, and unforgettable jungle experiences. The crossbow hunting outfitters in Africa have been on the forefront in providing some of the best hunting experiences to foreigners and local hunters. The activity is undoubtedly on the rise, with quite a considerate number of hunting Safaris offering the services. It is a top notch outdoor activity that tourists get to enjoy, learn new things about African wildlife, and interact with traditional communities.

Where is the fun?

Crossbow 4Sometimes hunting in the forest is not just a walk in the park. The bow hunting is quite rewarding, though sometimes extremely challenging. The challenge is a characteristic of a human daily life activity whereby, if no challenge, there is no experience, and therefore no learning involved. It involves a wide assortment of game species to hunt. Some of these games include lions, buffalos, hippopotamus, and leopards in South Africa. Some countries, however, do not allow hunting of dangerous game. For instance, the only permissible dangerous game hunting in Namibia is the Cheetah. It will depend on laws governing wildlife in a country.

In addition to making a trip to Africa a memorable one, there is a variety of trophies that hunters walk away with. In Namibia, for example, the hunting safaris provide amazing and exceptional quality trophies and a chance to be featured in their top 10 all-time book record of the professional hunting associations.

Drawback Weights and Crossbow to Use

CrossbowThere are different types of bows used in bow hunting. Their scope and variety differ from country to country. A legal permit is provided by a government to the hunting safaris or the service provider. For example, the longbow, compound, and re-curve bows are legally permitted in South Africa. The compound bow is a weapon of choice by most sportsmen internationally, and it is commonly used in various South African safaris. Laws permit different draw weight in accordance with the type of game being hunted. The minimum draw weights permissible vary considerably. 50lbs are the minimum draw weight when hunting plains game while 95lbs for dangerous game.

The hunting safaris provide training and ensure that hunters are comfortable with the equipment used throughout the hunting time. It’s important to ensure good practice to improve skills for a well-placed shot and subsequent skill in tracking the wounded animal. Skills on full camouflage and scent detection during hunting expedition are important to master by hunters.

Hunting Area and Timing

Crossbow 2Winter period is the best time of the year when crossbow hunting thrives at its best (late May to early September). During this time, indigenous trees have already shed leaves and spotting an animal becomes easier. The logic behind this is scarcity in the amount of water available for the animals, and therefore they crowd around the waterholes to cut thirst. The woodland savanna harboring the majority of African wildlife provides a concession area that allows bow hunting. The terrain offers an inclusive environment despite the open grassland and mountains.

The Common Crossbow Hunting Techniques

Crossbow 3Different blinds are used, ranging from thatched grass to ground blinds. They are laid on strategic game trails where they are likely to pass or be encountered by walking animals. Ground blinds are usually set near the animal waterholes which yield a lot of success during the late afternoon and early morning hours. Perfect positioning provides a predetermined win during these times of the day.

Hunting safaris encourage different bowhunting methods which involve the use of strategically set hunting blinds, elevated stands, and ground hides during winter months. They are set at a considerable distance, usually ranging from 10-40 yards closer enough to the game to have a perfect shot without being spotted by the target animal.

Last but not least, spot and stalk technique is another bow hunting method. It is usually applied during the green season since a lot of vegetation cover is available. The green bush is also soft and reduces stalking noise. During this time the amount of water available is enough and therefore less game near waterholes. This method is ideal for hunting those animals that rarely visits waterholes. Also, it goes hand-in-hand with the surrounding camouflage for a successful hunt.