African Wildlife, Hunting, and Safari Services

African Wildlife, Hunting, and Safari Services

hunting and safari 3Africa is the second most popular and the second largest continent in the world. It boasts a diversity of wildlife, perhaps hosting the world’s largest density of animal populations. The herbivores practically take the highest number of wild animals, which have attracted game hunting in various countries. Jungle animals such as reptiles are also abundant in most parts of the continent, while aquatic life such as amphibians is commonly found in swamps, lakes, and rivers. Game meat is popular in many hotels/restaurants especially in game parks, which is mostly preferred by foreign tourists and even locals.

Due to the wide variety of wildlife in the continent, wildlife safaris in many countries have been established. These offer transportation services to and from the game parks and game reserves, as well as hotel booking for travelers. The entire continent experiences different climatic conditions ranging from subarctic to tropical on its maximum peaks. The northern half is mainly desert and semi-desert, while the southern and central regions are savanna plains and rainforest areas. Visitors from the polar region enjoy Africa’s climate, however, the continent is the world’s hottest because 60% of the land surface contain arid and dry lands. Nevertheless, the climate remains ideal health-wise for most hunted animals such as impala and black wildebeest.

hunting and safariBotswana is one of the rich wildlife countries with diverse and attractive landscapes. The vast sandy areas of the Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta are the leading regions that offer stunning adventures. The watery lands of the Delta host a wide variety of wildlife and eye-catching view for visitors, making it one of the suitable hunting destinations in the country. To the north, the Linyanti and Chobe reserves contain enormous populations of game. However, most of the predators are found in these reserves. Therefore professional tour guides are recommended to accompany the hunters during the safaris. The Chobe National Park is renowned for the prowling lions through the Savuti grasslands. To the northern part of the park are herds of elephants, which usually hang around the Chobe River.

hunting and safari 2For bird lovers, the Okavango Delta has plenty to offer. In addition to hosting different types of birds, the area is quite amazing with the waterways and the spectacular lagoons covering nearly 15,000 sq. kilometers. The waterways are habitat for hippos and crocodiles, while animals such as leopards, elephants, and antelopes drink water from there. Even though the area is often visited by a few dangerous animals, hunting enthusiasts can utilize the opportunity to down antelopes such as the shy sitatunga and lechwe. Like many other African countries, Botswana has exclusive and sophisticated traveler camps and lodges that offer comfortable services despite being a wilderness region.

East Africa is another prime area for game viewing and hunting. Kenya is one of the leading countries renowned for its impressive scenery and abundant wildlife in the game parks. To the northern area, the Samburu Game Reserve hosts a lot of game including the big game such as lions and elephants. This semi-arid region is a home for blue-legged ostrich and the desert-adapted Gerenuk antelope. The antelope species attract game hunt in the area, as the locals are also traditional hunters. It is an ideal place for foreign hunters to have fun, as well as interact with traditional tribes such as Maasai and Samburu communities. To the south, the Maasai Mara is a famous national reserve covered by grasslands. The vegetation is perfect for wildebeest and antelopes, as well as big game such as buffalos. The herds of preys attract predators such as cheetahs, lions, and leopards in the area.

The Maasai Mara offers a stunning game viewing as the predators hunt for prey. The hunters in this area must be cautious because the dangerous big game predators are camouflaged by the grass. However, the hunting experience can be amazing and safe with reliable safari guides. The bird watchers and hunters can find fun at the Lake Nakuru where there are millions of flamingos and other aquatic life. The Amboseli National Park is famous for large tuskers, including other grassland-adapted species such as gazelles. The stunning wildlife encounters are facilitated by the amazing setting of the landscapes. The steep Rift Valley escarpments and the mountains are examples of the wonderful backdrop.

south africaLastly, South Africa is one of the leading traveler destinations in Africa. It is where many visitors from different parts of the world visit to view the 5 big game (African lions, African elephants, African buffalos, African leopards, and African rhinoceros). In addition to wildlife tours, the country has several wineries, breath-taking views, landscapes, golden beaches, deserts, and mountains. It is populated by a mix of Africans, Europeans, and Asians, and therefore rich in a variety of cultures. Also, the sophisticated tourism infrastructure and safari services make the country a nice place to visit again and again.

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